A wedding memory book for Tiffani and Nathan

In my last post, I shared a few photos of this guest book that I made for my best friend's wedding.  My husband was able to take a few pictures of guests signing the book at the reception, but I also wanted to include some pictures of the book's details.  

I still haven't tired of this gorgeous marbled paper, and it was a perfect fit for her oceanside wedding ceremony in Hilo, Hawaii.  I purchased a large sheet of this paper, and then carefully selected my favorite portions to use for the covers this book.  I like how the swirling patterns on the front and the back of the book each seem to have a different personality.  

I was pleased to see that many of the guests took the time to write lengthy, heartfelt messages.  By the end of the wedding, the pages were filled with well-wishes (in several languages!).  I prefer using blank pages in my guest books, instead of lined pages, because I think the blank canvas of the page invites guests to do more than just sign their names. I love flipping through books and seeing elaborate messages in elegant cursive mixed in with light-hearted doodles and more casual congratulatory notes.  This variety adds such character to the book and makes it so much fun to flip through years later. 

I also made a large set of photo corners to accompany this book.  The opening page of the book was reserved for Tiffani and Nathan to display their favorite wedding photo.  On the second page, I included one of their wedding invitations.  And then on the rest of the pages that weren't filled with guests messages, they can add more photos from their wedding.  I think this guest-book-plus-photo-album is the perfect solution to keep all of their wedding memories together in one handmade keepsake. 

Congratulations, Tiffani and Nathan!  I wish you all the best in your adventures together.