Two decades of friendship

Last week my husband and I returned home after a fabulous trip to Hilo, Hawaii.  From Virginia, it took us four flights and about 24 hours to get there, but nothing could have stopped me from making the trip to celebrate with my oldest friend at her wedding.  

Just a few months shy of twenty years ago, I sat next to Tiffani on the school bus on our first day of kindergarten and we've been friends ever since.  We even joked that I could be her "something old" on her wedding day, since she already had the new, borrowed, and blue under control.

Of course as Tiffani's oldest friend and matron of honor, I couldn't let her use a generic store-bought book as her wedding guest book.  So as my gift to the couple, I made this personalized book for their wedding.  The marbled paper used for the covers perfectly matches our bridesmaid dresses, and the cover is adorned with paper cutouts of two dolphins forming a heart shape.  Dolphins have been Tiffani's favorite animal for as long as I can remember, and the other part of our wedding gift to Tiffani and Nathan was the chance to swim with dolphins on their honeymoon. 

I'm glad my husband was able to snap a few photos of guests signing the book at the wedding.  It's always nice to have some photos of my books in use.  And this is also the second guest book I've made for a wedding I attended (this was the first), so I actually had the chance to write a message in my own book. 

This particular book is designed to be both a guest book and a photo album to hold all of their gorgeous wedding photos.  In a future post I'll share some photos I took of the book in my studio before heading to Hawaii so you can see some of the details I worked into Tiffani and Nathan's book.