Vacation photo album

I've been binding lots of books lately, both custom orders and books for my booth at an upcoming craft fair. Unfortunately, my blogging hasn't been able to keep up with the flurry of books coming out of my studio. I have folders of photos on my desktop just waiting to be shared with you, so I'm going to try to catch up before I return to my bookmaking this evening.

I made this book a while back for a co-worker of mine. She will be taking a few trips to the beach this summer with her family, wanted a photo album to use for her vacation pictures. We chose these blue papers because they are reminiscent of the sea, and the speckled quality of the paper reminds me of sand with glimmering bits of shells peeking through. I bought this paper while I was in Italy years ago, and this seemed like the perfect time to use it. The book is bound using the Japanese stab binding.