Snip, snip!

I've always been a long-haired kind of girl. I even grew my hair out so I could donate 14 inches to Locks of Love during college. But ever since I saw these photos in the September issue of Real Simple magazine I've been considering a shorter style. I finally took the plunge this weekend, and this is certainly the shortest my hair has ever been. I was a little unsure about it at first, but I think it's growing on me.

In fact, my hair is even shorter than my husband's right now (although not for long; he's got a haircut scheduled for tomorrow). And he was kind enough to take these photos of me as we walked our dog in the park after work today. The fabric flower headband is from J.Crew, and I think it works nicely with the shorter hair.

The photo below is from our honeymoon in Portland, Oregon last summer. That haircut probably comes in second in terms of my shortest styles. I kept my hair long for our wedding so I could get an up-do, but I stopped by Rudy's Barber Shop on the very first day of our honeymoon to try something new.