Handmade & Bound book arts and zine festival 2012

Brown Dog Bindery book photo

Yesterday was the second annual Handmade & Bound book arts and zine festival in Nashville, and it proved to be just as inspiring as the inaugural event. I took a moment today to look back at my review of the festival from last year, and it helped me realize that I've become closely connected to the city's book arts community.

Back then, I had just to moved to the city and was still wondering what a book arts festival would even look like. This time around, I literally saw dozens of familiar faces, including students I've taught, bookbinding friends, and even some strangers who knew all about my work. We're not strangers anymore, and Handmade & Bound is the reason. There's such an energy to the festival. I found myself buying other artists books and getting inspired all over again.

There was so much to see — if you missed it, you missed out — but you can look at photos below and 50 more on Facebook, featuring work by Brown Dog BinderySmall Fires PressThistle Farms, Merritt Ireland, Liberty Paper & Textiles, and many more.

And be sure to check out the 2-minute video at the bottom. You can hear from some of the festival organizers and take a sneak peek at letterpress printing and bookbinding in action.

Brown Dog Bindery photo

Small Fires Press books photo

Handmade & Bound Nashville 2012

Thistle Farms at Handmade and Bound photo

Merritt Ireland bookbinding photo

Claudia Lee Liberty Paper & Textiles photo

Katie Gonzalez linenlaid&felt handmade books photo

linenlaid&felt handmade books photo