Journals for sale at Parnassus Books in Nashville

Last night marked the much-anticipated grand opening of Parnassus Books. The city has been buzzing about this new independent bookstore for months, and it's even been making headlines nation-wide.  (There was a front-page story about the store in the New York Times last week!) 

So far it's living up to all of the hype.  The store was packed last night, as you can see in these pictures from the grand opening event.  Plus there are more pictures on my facebook page and the Parnassus facebook page.

And I'm especially excited to announce that my handbound journals are available for sale at Parnassus. I first learned about the bookstore at Handmade & Bound, Nashville's first annual book arts festival, and was later contacted by one of the co-owners to see if I'd be interested in selling my books there.  Of course I was thrilled about this opportunity.  I think this is going to be a fantastic venue for my books, and hopefully it will introduce lots of new people to my work.

I've been busy for weeks making lots of new books for the store.  I've focused on journals and sketchbooks with leather or suede covers bound in the Italian long-stitch style.  And I've also made some books with decorative paper covers sewn using the Coptic binding.  A few of the leather books feature my own handmade paper inside.  And some books are made using suede from upcycled clothing, like a blue suede jacket or a pair of red suede pants.  

If you live in Nashville, I urge you to visit Parnassus Books and consider shopping locally for your holiday gifts.  You will not be disappointed with the curated collection of books and artwork that you'll find.