Congratulations, Jaclyn and Ryan!

While working on this custom wedding guest book, I realized that I had a lot in common with the couple.  Just like my husband and I, Jaclyn and Ryan are high school sweethearts.  They started dating when they were 17, and when they finally decided to tie the knot their guests were absolutely ecstatic.  

As Jaclyn and I chatted back and forth planning out the design for her book, we also enjoyed comparing notes about our relationships and noting how refreshing it is to meet someone else who met their partner at such a young age.  The couple also lives in Chicago, just about a half hour away from where Tony and I grew up.  

Jaclyn and Ryan were married in a rose garden, and they selected a rose theme for their invitations.  I based the design of the personalized nameplate off of the same imagery to unify the look of all of their wedding paper goods.  

The couple chose red and Tiffany blue as their wedding colors, so I used a red lokta paper for the covers of this book and then used a beautifully textured blue paper for the guards (the pieces of paper that wrap the sections of pages and are visible along the spine of the book) and for an accent on the book's cover. 

I'm thrilled that Jaclyn loved the way the book turned out as much as I did, and I'm glad I was able to make a keepsake for the wedding of two high school sweethearts.