Taking over the house

Since Saturday, our dining room has looked a little something like this.  

For three days, I'd been busy cutting down sheets of decorative paper for the covers of my spring line of photo albums and wedding guest books. Since the work tables in my studio were already covered with other projects, I moved everything into the dining room and enjoyed spreading out on this big table.

Thankfully, spring weather arrived in Virginia this weekend, so my husband and I were able to eat our meals out on our front porch.  And the local farmers' market just opened up, so we stocked up on some local meats and veggies and have been cooking up a storm ever since.

It's a good thing that our lack of dining table space hasn't hindered our gourmet cooking (and eating) because just as I had cleared off the table last night, I decided I needed to use it to cut down some leather for more Italian longstitch journals.  Hopefully by the end of the week our dining room will be back to normal and my studio will be well-stocked with new books to work on. 

All this is in preparation for the upcoming Handmade Market in Raleigh, NC.  You can read a Q&A with me on the Handmade Market blog to learn more about my newest creation, my most treasured bookbinding tool, and the tunes I've been grooving to in the studio lately.