Orange and blue guest book

This Coptic-bound guest book is another custom book that was given as a Christmas gift.  I can't tell you how exciting it was for me on Christmas Day to know that people all around the country -- some that I know, but mostly people I've never met -- were receiving books that I made with my own two hands.  I put so much care into each and every book that I make, and I hope this makes receiving one of my books so much more special than a mass-produced item.

When Beth contacted me through my Etsy shop, she was drawn to a similar book I had made using this orange spirograph paper for the covers.  (It's one of my favorite papers as well!)  She wanted me to create a custom guest book for some friends but was curious if I could make a horizontal book and if I could print lines on the pages. 

Up until this point, all of the books in my collection had either been vertical or square, and they all had blank pages.  But I ended up loving the way that this book came out and I've made several books in a similar format since then.  I'm please to announce that I will be adding this type of book to my repertoire, and the first book in my new collection has been added to my shop.  Click here to see my new lined, horizontal journal in red.