An introduction to the anniversary series

Tony and I will be celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary on July 11, and to celebrate here on the linenlaid&felt blog I will be sharing a month's worth of posts about our wedding. I'll mostly be focusing on the handmade and artistic elements that made our day a true reflection of who we are as a couple and our shared aesthetic.

Stay tuned to see photos of our custom-made rings, our wedding invitation booklets, our letterpress printed and handbound guest book, and maybe even some tutorials. Oh yes, and probably some juggling too!

To be honest, it almost seems a little silly to me to be celebrating a one-year anniversary because Tony and I have been a couple for almost ten years. We started dating during our freshman year of high school, when we were just 14 years old, and we've been together ever since. Even through four years of a cross-country, long-distance relationship during college.

But regardless of how many years it has been, this relationship is worth celebrating. We're taking advantage of the three-day holiday weekend coming up and heading out of town for an early anniversary trip. We'll be leaving Friday night for Pittsburgh, so if you have any suggestion for must-see places in the city, please let me know!