Congratulations, Sean and Julie!

I would like to start off by congratulating Sean and Julie, who tied the knot today. They both went to college with my husband in Michigan, and coincidentally are now living about a half hour away from us in Virginia. I can not wait to hear all about their wedding when they get back. From what I've heard, it sounds like it will be absolutely lovely and full of personal touches. The reception is taking place on a farm in Julie's home state, and her wedding dress was custom made by a woman she found on Etsy.

I had the pleasure of creating the wedding guest book for Sean and Julie. I was given the creative freedom to design the book using their wedding colors, blue and yellow. For the recessed label in the cover listing their names, wedding date, and location I took my design cues from their beautifully modern invitations. I used a navy blue paper for the covers, light blue paper for the guards that you see along the spine, and pops of yellow for the stitching and label. I also used yellow paper for the paper on the insides of the covers.

The book is 8" x 8" which is the same size as the guest book I made for my own wedding. I think this large size is perfect for guest books because it gives friends and family plenty of room to write heart-felt messages, rather than listing just their names. I also use unlined pages for the guest books I make, which at least in our case, encouraged guests to leave us drawings and doodles on the pages as well. I know that Tony and I have enjoyed going back and reading through the messages in our book, and I hope the same holds true for Sean and Julie.