Flashback Friday: My First Coptic

This is the first book that I bound in the Coptic style while learning the art of bookmaking in Italy. It soon became one of my favorite binding styles, and one I've focused on lately. This one is almost four years old now, but my newest Coptic books should be up on my Etsy by the end of the weekend.

Coptic binding allows for pages to lay flat when opened, and the chain stitch connecting the pages is lovely and functional. I first learned to sew Coptics with one curved needle, and later learned to sew them with multiple needles, but my current style is most similar to how I first learned. This is the most enjoyable way to bind books, I'd say.

The decorative paper used for the covers and the guards (the paper wrapped around the sections of pages) is my favorite part of this particular book. I purchased the paper at a little shop in Cortona, Italy and it well represents the style of paper found throughout the country. Although I'm usually not fond of floral prints, this one struck me. I love the bright hues mixed with the delicate gold details and the intricate patterns. Seeing prints like these makes me nostalgic for my summer in Cortona.